"pURL, a powerful, cross media web based marketing tool"

A personalized URL will provide your company or organization with the ability to target the right customers with a powerful message, while measuring the impact of that message in the behavior of prospects.

The communications revolution is here, and Ink Etcetera's Marketing Division, Fusion Media Marketing Cross-Media services have made it possible for you to reach out to target audiences in ways never before possible. Sophisticated print pieces, web pages, and eMails can be automatically personalized utilizing database intelligence to drive results.

The key is that all activity is tracked, reported, and acted upon. This allows you to know your end user and communicate with them better. Personalized cross-media solutions provide a way to deliver a 3 point contact that opens additional channels for the marketer.  Additionally, this technology can also be leveraged for SEO and any other type media, e.g.; radio, tv, newspaper, magazine ads, etc.

Together, we will find your best customer, engage them, maintain an interactive dialogue, collect data, track the results and provide analytical tools to calculate ROI.
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pURL Sample1
An example of a cross media campaign utilizing direct and web marketing channels. Each mail and web piece is personalized to reflect the recipients name and personal web site. Recipients log onto the site which welcomes them by name and a click through process begins. Our clients receive much higher response rates from this approach along with data from a brief customer questionnaire. Leads from the site are immediately sent to you via email or even PDA's.
Much more about this cutting edge product is available by calling one of our marketing specialists.
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Integrated marketing campaigns using pURLS have tremdous marketing advantages.
- PURLS are powerful marketing tools that yield:

  • Higher Response Rates
  • Quality Leads with Higher Lead to Sales conversion
  • Clean prospect data, provided by the client!
  • Instant Lead retrieval to sales force
  • Ability to measure ROI
  • And much more… Call Now, we are glad to provide more information.
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Ink Etcetera and Fusion Media marketing technologies make it possible to reach out to a precisely targeted market in new and creative ways. Stylized print pieces, web pages, and emails can be personalized utilizing database intelligence as a driving and measuring force. Many companies are engaging us to yield a higher return on their marketing investments. That's because we are a provider of measurable, multi-channel, cross media marketing solutions that increase customer acquisition and retention.
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Sample pURL post card.
Call today to start marketing with 21th century tools.
pURL Sample3
Sample pURL post card.
Call today to start marketing with 21th century tools.