"VDP, direct mail on steroids"
Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing, also referred to as VDP, variable information printing (VIP), one-to-one, on demand printing and other descriptions is a powerful marketing tool for direct mailing. At Ink Etcetera Corporation we can take your database and customize each piece relative to the data we have. Essentially each mail piece will be a one to one experience for your customer or prospect.

With our sophisticated software and digital technology we can process large amounts of data that yields a high quality piece customized to a very relevant market. Target marketing in such a way increases customer responses because the direct mail piece they receive is personalized for them. It is truly a one-to-one experience for each customer. Call today for more information on this effective marketing approach.
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Variable Data Sample Post Card 2
Variable Data Printing or VDP - Sample direct mail postcard. This technology is also referred to as 1-to-1 marketing. Below is a list of some of the advantages this type marketing has over generic cards:
  • Drive your marketing from you CRM or database for maximum targeting.
  • Ability to alter name, message and images based on data.
  • Statically higher response rates over generic, saturation type marketing.
  • ROI much higher.
  • Improvement in conversion rates.
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Sample variable data post card.