"Post cards, a timely, economical and efficient strategy"
Post Cards

Post cards are one of the most effective, yet economical marketing tool available. Direct mail campaigns utilizing post cards continue to one of the preferred marketing channels used in todays market place. One of the biggest advanatages, cost aside, is eliminating the so called "envelope barrier" all too familiar with sealed marketing material. You can be assured the customer will see your message!

At Ink Etcetera we have designed and mailed thousands of post cards. We know the critical elements of the design, offer and other necessary attritbutes to best leverage your mailing. Additionally, we can provide you with a target mailing from our vast databases of demographic and geographic lists.
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Decora Business Card
Sample of direct mail campaign using the seasons as leverage.
Bus Cards
Direct mail campaign with highly visual graphic of product.
Bus Cards
Carefull attention to design and message made this direct mail campaign a resounding success for our client.
Bus Cards
Another example - choose images for your card from our vast image library.
Bus Cards
Post cards are a great way to showcase your artistic work through a colorful and compelling direct mail campaign.